Sipos Balázs,
              SIMASZ support patent

This invention,  an active therapeutically  auxiliary,  can be used  with excellent results in  different   fields  of    the   orthopaedic and also in the  natural  healing methods,  as  well as by  people with  healthy  feet  for  convenience,  independently  of  age or sex.


Gold medal in Brussels (1991) and Genova (1995) and Nuremberg (1995);   silver medal in    Nuremberg (1991)  and Geneva (1994) ; diploma of the International Congress of Orthopedics.  At the  Orthopedic Department, Semmelweis Medical University, Budapest, Hungary  has been using this invention for several years with success.

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The different types of S I M A S Z footrests can be implemented quickly, using the freely variable, modular and selectively flexible support elements.

After accurate optical measurement, a foot-friendly insole can be developed based on the foot characteristics.

Can be produced individually  and the footrest setting can be changed at any time within a few minutes for.

Optimal adjusting of the foot-support is enabled by a special, multi-functional computer-aided professional foot diagnostic and measure analyzing system.

Its structural solutions and elements of specially designed selective flexibility allow the successful application of the footrest in the most complicated and advanced areas of orthopedic foot therapy.

The  variation  possibilities  of the foot-support allow a continuous, multiple-stage optimal therapy, adjusted to the actual stage of the illness.

By selectively positioning single units of special shape and different elasticity of  the element-set, the foot-support is suited for illness-oriented reflex-therapy, enabling aimed zone-therapeutic treatment.

The insole, made in a few minutes, is light, attractive and can be used in virtually any type of sports, orthopedic or leisure shoe.


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